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How to Build Log Railings. Log railing can be installed inside or out. Log railings are found on porches, decks, staircases and loft areas. Many log home material.

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We also had to make a stair railing going up to our loft. These two issues came together in the form that we were going to build our own log.

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There are several possibilities depending upon how quickly you want to build and how much effort you want to invest. This article will focus on log railings.

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Building a log stair railing yourself requires some hard work, but the result is gratifying much less expensive than hiring a professional. Anything built with logs .

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Learn how to take measurements for log railings by checking out our blog We' re not equipped to build railings following the metric system.

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We are the industry's leader for custom log railing for both residential and We can create pre-build rustic railings for any angle up to 37 degrees and any length .