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How I was affectionate to people when I was 5 years old: *sees a cool rock* wow. This is such a cool rock. I'm gonna show this rock to all my friends. How I'm.

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“Non ti ho amato per noia, o per solitudine, o per capriccio. Ti ho amato perché il desiderio di te era più forte di qualsiasi felicità. E lo sapevo che poi la vita non è.

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i have made so much progress in being emotionally open. like. i really realized today for the first time that i'm so much more comfortable being affectionate with.

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This is a love blog that is dedicated to all the other couples out there. I admire everyone of you. For LDRs, you're not alone. Message me for.

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Affectionate Suggestions. I suppose it's because you mean everything to me. affectionatesuggestions. The world is a little kinder with you in it.

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Main is @sunshine-jelly Insta @kieragoldsmithblower.

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affectionatesuggestion · affectionatesuggestion. Concept: I wake Concept: loving your best friend and being able to wake up in their arms knowing you're safe.