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Download the airline's app (yep, only Delta lets you use the mobile site to add a boarding pass to Wallet) and open it up. Here are some apps.

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It will take your boarding pass to the passbook app. Delta app on your iPhone or iPad, the boarding pass will be available in the Delta app.

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Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles - Delta Confirms Support for Apple Is there a way to add your SkyMiles membership card to passbook like you can.

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Delta Sky Club cards are only available from My Wallet, but we're working on more updates and hope to add this feature soon. Visit our Mobile.

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Airline apps and Apple's Wallet app have improved significantly over the was logged in, and the Delta app figured it out once I entered the ticket number. and made it easy to do that and add my boarding passes to Wallet.

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iPhone and iPod Touch users that have the new Apple iOS 6 software Now five total airlines have an “add to Passbook” option in their own app: American Airlines; Air Canada; Delta Air Lines; Lufthansa; United Airlines.

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This post shows you how to add airplane boarding passes to the to try out my airline's iPhone app and connect it with Apple's Passbook.

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Delta, sheraton, ticketmaster add support for passbook in ios 6. The delta boarding passes in passbook take advantage of both time and location information.

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If you have an iPhone equipped with iOS 6, use Passbook, the digital wallet app by 24 hours before all flights provided by Delta Air Lines and Air France flights .