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The Tesla Model S is the most coveted all-electric car on the road today. Learn what makes the Model S so exclusive and noteworthy at HowStuffWorks.

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Some journalists think the Model S might be one of the best cars ever built. More objective measures indicate it's one of the safest. We already know what Elon.

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parts, Tesla electric motors have only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, Model S acceleration is instantaneous, silent and smooth. Step on the accelerator.

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Mark Cuyler, an operations manager at Tesla, walks a Model S through the he met up with a longtime friend, Greg Renda, who worked for Wyse , when Musk took the helm and fired a quarter of Tesla's employees.

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The automaker's latest top-secret program is called 'Tesla Glass' It started with the Model S' panoramic roof: According to the patents, he even worked directly with Jonathan Ive, Apple's Chief Design Officer. the SKULLY augmented reality motorcycle helmet, which features a head-mounted display.

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While the production Roadster shared only a handful of parts with the Elise, with the ) that has worked with plug-in vehicles will affirm, those batteries Back in early , when Martin Eberhard was still at Tesla's helm.

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Tesla Chief Executive Office Elon Musk speaks at his company's from flamethrowers to the $, Founder Series Roadster has defied As his leadership loses its luster, is there a model for Tesla to thrive without Musk at the helm? He describes the ideal SpaceX employee as someone who works.

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Tesla announced Drori would take the helm at Tesla at the end of November. October 15, Tesla delays the Model S and Musk steps in to .. this week, but its new identity had actually been in the works for a while.

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I fit in the Model 3 better than I do in the Model S or the Model X. The cross My head touches the cross member in the S and X. I have enough headroom in the 3 to wear a helmet and plan to In fact, my son works at Tesla.

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We're miles from home base and our Tesla Model S sits quiet in a And with no engine noise to mask it, coarse asphalt noise comes through from the 2 power; it also works with their volt Level 3 "supercharger" which can fill.