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The Volkswagen Tiguan HyMotion is an example of a concept vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Every time you pump gasoline into your car, you're ever so slightly depleting the world's supply of fossil fuels. An important step in this direction has been the development of a.

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So does hydrogen fuel cell technology live up to its promise of delivering a clean and efficient energy source? That depends on how it's produced. On the one.

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Most people know by now what an electric car is. It's a car that runs on a battery- powered electric motor. Learn more about the difference between electric cars.

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Therefore, the advantages of the hydrogen economy include: The elimination of pollution caused by fossil fuels - When hydrogen is used in a fuel cell to create.

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How Hydrogen Cars Work A hydrogen fuel cell powered bus leaves the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, Fuel cells have two major advantages over fossil fuels. First Latest Buzz; Stuff Shows & Podcasts; Tours; Weird & Wacky.

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What are the pros and cons of hydrogen energy? A hydrogen fuel cell converts the hydrogen energy into electricity. Fuel cells can be used in cars, and to.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Image Gallery Engineers replaced the engine of the GM HydroGen3 with a microwave-oven-sized fuel-cell stack. See more pictures of.

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A simple explanation of how fuel-cell cars work by using hydrogen gas (The advantage of doing things that way, rather than using the Sun's energy . guide to the pros and cons of fuel-cell cars, including how they work.

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Car manufacturers are starting to come up with hydrogen-powered cars. cars into hydrogen-powered vehicles will require a lot of work and money. 4.

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Pros and cons of hydrogen energy: Hydrogen isn't available on earth but it can be produced To use hydrogen as a source of fuel, fuel cells are used in cars. While it may take some work to get to, there is no component in the universe as Fuel Stations: As you likely know, it's very difficult to change “the way things are.