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If the domain controller is not in the closest site, then the domain controller returns the name of the client's site, and the client tries to find a.

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When you promote a domain controller, it's added to the DNS srv records. If you drill down through the _msdcs section in DNS, you'll see a.

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We assume that the computer has already joined the domain. Active Directory: How does a client find it's Domain Controllers at PowerShell: Collect information about installed Updates (Hotfixes) on all Domain Computers.

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With the most simple programming language: DOS batch echo % LOGONSERVER%.

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This sequence describes how the Locator finds a domain controller: On the authentication credentials and, if necessary for Windows-based computers, set up.

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One very useful piece of information to know, if you're working in large Active Directory implementation with multiple DC's and Sites, is to be.

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To find the GC your workstation used (copy from the DC to the . primary domain controller to computers that need a primary domain.

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I just recently added a new Domain controller to our environment as an I was able promote it just find as the master just find but the domain computers still look .