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There are two ways in which a magnet might harm a computer. energy, to generate a magnetic field strong enough to damage modern computer electronics.

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Is it true that magnets can damage your computer, or is it just a myth? heard that magnets can wipe our hard drives, wreak havoc on our computer monitors.

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If you're asking about the proper functioning of the HDD then yes magnets can effect them. I bought a fairly powerful pair of 3lb spherical.

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A hard drive is the "library" of a computer; it holds most of the computer's data Household magnets do not contain enough strength to damage hard drive data.

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It's such an oft repeated warning that it's firmly embedded in nerd lore: bring a magnet anywhere near your precious computer and suffer the.

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You want to know how far away you should keep magnets from electronic devices? Hard drive of a desktop computer: A magnet is hardly a danger for hard.

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I ask because I dropped a refrigerator magnet onto my PC and I'm worried that Yes, a magnet can destroy the hard drive inside a PC, but you [.

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The classic worry about whether a magnet could wreck our computer's hard drive is a great case in point. You know what we mean. We're.

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It has always been my understanding that magnets near computers is a big no-no but it doesn't seem to be affecting anything and I doubt that.