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Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global Warming. How do we know it's happening? Here's the evidence.

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Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global Warming. This happens because the coal or oil burning process combines carbon with oxygen in.

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Climate change has always happened on Earth, which is clearly seen in the geological record; it is the rapid rate and the magnitude of climate change occurring.

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Many other aspects of global climate are changing as well. in the seasonal timing of important biological events are occurring in response to climate change.

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Scientific evidence paints a clear picture: Climate change is happening, it is caused in large part by human activity, and it will have many serious and potentially.

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Climate change is currently happening to an extent that cannot be explained by natural factors alone. Global temperatures have been rising for over a century.

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Humans are increasingly influencing the climate and the earth's temperature by burning fossil fuels, cutting down rainforests and farming livestock. This adds.

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But, many powerful industry interests have hindered action and have, largely through surrogates, spread dangerous myths about climate change. One of the.

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The science is clear. Global warming is happening. We are the primary cause. Learn why an overwhelming majority of climate scientists agree that human.

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What climate change is, how we know it is happening, and what this might mean for the future.