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Play this game to review Other. What does sprouting mean?.

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Play this game to review Vocabulary. Causing damage to something.

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how groundhog's garden grew study guide by leah_mcintosh includes 10 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and .

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This is a 2 page test for How Groundhog's Garden Grew. It covers comprehension, voc., and grammar.

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VOCABULARY STUDY GUIDE. How Groundhog's Garden Grew. 1. underneath- the part of something that is below or under something else. 2. sprouting.

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The main characters, Name two places the story takes place., The problem at the beginning of the story., The author of How Groundhog's Garden Grew.

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Garden Grew. Phonics: Now the groundhogs (say, said) they are still hungry. now. Thinking . question by choosing a word from the box and adding the suffix .