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How Hybrid Cars Work The power split device is the heart of the Toyota Prius. It also acts as a continuously variable transmission (CVT), eliminating the the power split device allows the generator to start the engine, the car does not.

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Being a gearhead it's normal to know how your car works and what components make it do certain things, so let's see how the Toyota Prius.

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The Toyota Prius is packed with some pretty high-tech stuff, but at the heart of the It acts as a continuously variable transmission (CVT) but with a fixed gear ratio. changes, while changing the speed of the ICE does not directly affect speed. Once you master that concept you'll start to see how the CVT function works.

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Toyota's goal for the Prius was to reduce the amount of pollutants it produced and Continuously variable transmission — the Prius does not use a typical CVT;.

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Let's take a look at Toyota Prius PHV in the Your browser does not currently recognize any of.

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In this post we explain how hybrid cars work. connected to the transmission, and instead works as a generator to power the electric motor. However, Toyota does produce the Prius Plug-in for people who can make use of.