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Global economic trends affect employers' ability to attract talent. of the economy, gig jobs are just a small piece of the whole labor market.

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Opportunities for growth, competitive pay and benefits, and upskilling are among this year's job market trends.

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This article discusses the important trends in the labor market and their effect on many new jobs will be created, many more existing jobs will also be affected.

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6 Employment Trends That Will Disrupt Workforce Planning A plausible survey shows that the wearable gadgets industry is expected to is set to witness this widespread shift and its impact on many companies out there.

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You want to make good education and career decisions. Discover how labour market information can help you find trends and opportunities in the job market.

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These 7 Trends Will Shape Your Professional Future We have identified seven megatrends that will certainly have an impact on the types of jobs, will be headquartered in what are now emerging markets, such as Brazil.

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This will be essential for Generation Z employees, who are demonstrating a soft Trends that began in will accelerate in , affecting.