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World War One changed Australia substantially, from its significance on the world stage to the economic impact it suffered as a result of the conflict. as the British economy slumped after WWI so did the Australian economy.

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The impact on ultimately all aspects of Australian society, however, did not end when the guns fell silent in November Instead, it was sustained for years.

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How Did WW1 Effect Australia. WK However, there were some positve impacts to women and their socail life and importance in society.

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Tags - Australian History, economy, Gallipoli, national identity, representations of What was the impact of World War I on the Australian home front

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The war had a major impact on society, especially on the roles of women in the the effects of World War I did not cause much elation, especially amongst the.

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+ The impact of World War 1 with a particular emphasis on Australia such as Teacher leads discussion about what the Red Cross does. . established the first branch (as part of the British Red Cross Society) in Australia on 13 August

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Explores the effect WW1 had on Australia's sense of identity. The Broken Years did so much to renew interest in the Great War in Australia.

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Certainly many of the young Australians who served and died in that . a sense of national identity, but it was also a divided society and one in mourning. too, but it was the Second World War that shaped modern Australia.

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The Great War did not make Australia – that had been relatively cerebral In an enduring sense, it was the Second World War that really.