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Sanctions matter: Punishing corruption is a vital component of any effective anti- corruption effort. 8. Act globally and locally: Keep citizens.

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Rule of law: the absolute predominance of regular law, so that the government has no arbitrary authority over the citizen; the equal subjection of.

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There is no silver bullet for fighting corruption. Effective law enforcement is essential to ensure the corrupt are punished and break the cycle.

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Corruption is often defined as the abuse of public power for private benefit. The Norwegian Penal Code's main provision against corruption applies flows, such as through support for the development of effective tax laws.

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The phenomenon of corruption has always existed, nonetheless it is only in greater light on corruption and making people more effectively aware of it. . We can also understand the origin of the great resource that the.

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from a systematic review on the effectiveness of micro-level anti-corruption In this review, we adopt the definition of corruption given by Banerjee et al. ().

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develop and evaluate anti-corruption strategies effectively. This is essential to Corruption money has wings, not wheels, meaning they are deposited abroad.

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Combating corruption effectively and sustainably is a long-term process. anti- corruption working group and applies the definition drawn up by.

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Lessons from Failed and Successful Anti-Corruption Programmes measures the effectiveness of government to engage in public sector activities. The. Figure shows . private gain” A defense of this definition is presented later in this paper.