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Fungi phylogeny studies show that animals and fungi are more closely related to each other than either is to plants. Learn more about eukaryota phylogeny in.

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Animals. Fungi. Green Plants. Include: • Green Algae. • Land Plants. Do not include: • Red or Brown Algae. • Fungi! Note that fungi are more closely related.

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(see Graphic) Fungi are closer genetically to animals than to plants, say ancestor, similar to modern single-celled eukaryotes known as.

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Fungi are living organisms that are distantly related to plants, and more closely related to animals, but rather different from either of those groups. Fungi can be.

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Fungi are living organisms that are distinct from plants and animals. However, many types of fungi -- especially familiar one like mushrooms.

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counted as members of the botany department, but fungi are turning out to be far more closely related to animals than to plants, scientists say.