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Blowing bubbles with bubblegum is a favorite pastime for kids and kids-at-heart alike. 2. Chew one piece or strip of bubblegum for starters. More gum does not .

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Chewing gum was fun but blowing a huge big bubble would make it even better. Have you been trying to teach your kidlet how to blow bubbles but You helped me learn how 2 blow a bubble I've been trying for years but.

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Blowing bubbles for kids is more fun when it's bubble gum blowing. Bubble gum girl Gypsy shows you how to blow bubbles in LuckyFortune8Family style. Toys AndMe 3,, views.

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How to Blow a Bubblegum: In this instuctable i'm going to explain how you can blow a bubblegum.

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Once you have your flavor, start chewing it. Chew it for a while so it's soft, and very stretchy. Don't chew it for too long, gum can get hard after a while and won't .

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Blow a deep breath into the mirror so that it fogs up. Do this several times. Now, close What is the best way to blow a bubble with bubble gum? 1, Views.