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Dentalium shell Plateau dentalium choker and bracelet, from Nez Perce National occurs from Alaska to Baja California) were harvested from deep waters around the . Shell jewelry for sale on a beach in Vietnam, Necklaces made in.

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DENTALIUM SHELLS WERE USED AS MONEY BY AMERICAN INDIANS. Dentalium shells are small tubular mollusks that look like little elephant tusks.

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The word dentalium, as commonly used by Native American artists and anthropologists, refers Today most dentalium shells in the shell trade are smaller, more brittle, and are harvested from coasts off Asia — i.e. they are shells of Indo-Pacific.

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The dentalia shell, or xo'ji-mił-ky'o:xe:t in the Hupa language, appears in nearly means “true money,” and it was traded far beyond the coast where it is harvested. and jewelry makers who use it, and the people who continue to buy and wear it . In this version of the Yurok and Wiyot story, Dentalium Man and Abalone.

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These are natural white dentalium shells. It is cleaned and ready for your jewelry making or craft. The size is 3/8" to 1 5/8" length. 1/2 pound - approx. pieces.

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Native/Dentalium Shell/Turtle Earrings~Native American Made .. Bulk-Sea Urchin-Sea Life Decor-Sea Life Crafts Bulk-Sea Urchin Spines Bulk-Nautical Decor.

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A shell harvested from the Ocean, prized among Native Americans. Ear rings of Dentalium pretiosum shells and glass trade beads, worn by an Inuit girl. Open .. Hupa Karok Indian Baskets, All Native American Indian Baskets for sale.