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Yesterday I took the PMP exam and failed. I have been scoring You now know what to expect - regarding the types of questions that are asked. And you are.

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Know what you can do after you've failed the PMP exam. Since you have not passed the exam on your first attempt you may now re-test up to two more times.

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I feel very bad when I get messages saying “I have failed PMP exam now what should I do“. Sometimes professional fail twice or more also – times or even.

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Prepared well, yet failed? Not unexpected given the complexity of PMP exam. Must read blog for anyone preparing for PMP now, learn from.

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Don't worry; if you fail in your first attempt of the PMP exam, there will neither be an earthquake Now we come to the mathematical questions.

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Are you someone who has failed your PMP® exam and you are wondering what to do next? You have come to the right person, as I am the PM.

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What should I do now? I really must pass the PMP exam quickly. Experienced project managers fail the PMP exam routinely, each day and it is very sad.

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So you failed the PMP exam. It happens - more often than you probably think. Here are the things you need to do after the bad news.

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We bring you the top 6 reasons why people fail in the PMP exam which Now, you would say – should I fail once in the PMP exam in order to.