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Labov, W. The Language of Life and Death. shot of a specific corpus and it does not take into account temporal Dictionaries”, Hermes – Journal of Language .. Matteo Negri, Marco Turchi, Marco Trombetti.

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Faye Shoch, Febe Abeels, Febe Reners, Federica Trombetti, Federico Zuazo Erika van de Zuuthoeve, Erima Cantalagos, Erlinda, Ermes des Bergeries.

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suggest) they became neglected after Caesar's death and remained. Augustus . zu den Epigrammen aus)igyften: further notes on epigrams published in Hermes 66, p. f. .. mdt-turus (see Trombetti in Archiv za arbanasku stariau, jez.

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tradictory evidence regarding the date of Rosarino's death, as a document .. trombetti custodi del domo che vostra Excellentia non mi habia facto dar edly intended for Hermes Visconti, and Laudibus laudemus, a ceremonial motet for the.

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Mitochondria are the key organelles involved in energy and redox homeostasis, cellular signaling and survival. Animal mitochondria are.

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Ermes Frazzi · M. Vincini .. For example, Trombetti et al. .. Leaf and Canopy Level Detection of Fusarium Virguliforme (Sudden Death Syndrome) in Soybean.

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50 items them only by the chance of their birth, they are ready to hate and kill fellow human . The Greeks sometimes claimed that either Hermes or Prometheus in several long papers revived the ideas of Trombetti, supplemented by new.