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Corning Glass Works introduced Corelle dinnerware over 35 years ago. have dropped a piece of Corelle Ware only to have it explode like a bomb, It is glass, glass can break when dropped, no matter how durable it is.

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In fact, Corelle does break when dropped. . no ill effect but drop it just right (or wrong) as it were, and they explode with the effect of a bomb.

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I purchased a set of dinnerware dishes about 2 months ago, dropped plates I was taking out . I feel I have to report on the Corelle dishware that is not suppose to break. This may open up the possibility of explosion in a very hot microwave.

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Corelle, Dishes. as when these dishes explode they shatter into millions of small pieces of glass, of a bomb, that can limbed into the skin and unless removed can cause death.

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Warning!! Corelle plates explode like a shrapnel bomb! Last night dropped a plate less than 12 inches onto the table. It hit another dish (which did not break) and.

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It has been dropped more than that, but both sets have one small chip in only one plate per set. .. The "domestic bliss" bombed out but my love affair with Corelle's All dishes can break; it is not a traumatic experience.

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After the initial explosion, Corelle continues breaking apart for several . I made exacly the same demonstration of a Corelle dish in front of family .. Break and chip resistant does not mean "survive from a high drop resistant".