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Educational Gymnastics. Definition: Educational Gymnastics is a component of an elementary physical Perform rotation, balance, hanging and traveling movements and shapes Balances using different body parts as a base of support.

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Gymnastics lesson 1. Overview of Gymnastics Area. Gymnastic actions. Run, jump, roll, balance, rock, slide, climb, swing, step and hang Weight Tra nsference/ body shape. Gymnastics sequences. On different body parts. Balance. Suspend.

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ENTRY LEVEL: • Students will have a varied level of gymnastic skill, ranging from no experience Students will be able to perform/demonstrate different balances . Formation: Suit posters are hung on each wall (one suit per wall) with lists or.

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Students freeze in pike shapes. Can they balance in different positions (back, side, tummy, feet)?. Can they balance in the different shapes? Activity One: Gym 5.

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Select and link a range of gymnastics actions to travel on the floor and on apparatus. • Show controlled take (c) Partner A shows symmetrical travelling movements, jump and balance, while partner B shows Stand facing each other, jump a half turn, land on the mat and roll. Stop, hang and show a symmetrical shape.

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Crash - Rock back and forward in a tuck shape. Traffic warden - If space Acquiring & Developing: basic gymnastics shapes on different body parts. ▫. Selecting.