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The events related in 'Beowulf' are not strictly in chronological order. Reading the lesson will help you make sense of these digressions, or departures, from.

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discordia,7 as a didactic poem about the Christian sin of pride,8 and as a narrative many of and Marie Padgett Hamilton,10 who argue that wyrd in Beowulf is .. damnation ("The Heremod Digressions in Beowulf," JEGP, 61 [ I, ?87).

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Cf. A Bonjour, The Digressions in Beowulf, Oxford, , p. .. hie wyrd forsweop a commonplace didacticism, one could agree with Klaeber that 'The.

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Wyrd, Wisdom, and the Warrior: Defining Sapience in Beowulf. 2. .. digressions or interpolations I would like to take this argument a step further by genre. Celebration of heroic deeds is mixed with didactic instruction in the form of.

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God, Fate, and the Hero of "Beowulf" Author(s): Mary C. Wilson Tietjen Source: sin of pride,8 and as discordia,7 as a didactic poem about the Christian a narrative 14 Kennedy's in support of the view that the Beowulf -poet's concept of wyrd .. Digressions Alwalda }:>ec swa he nu gyt dyde! evidence that in Beowulf," this.

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Digressions within Beowulf • Digressions are a generic component of epics. . each digressions that either foreshadow events to come or serve a didactic purpose. . As Beowulf himself states: “wyrd often spares/an undoomed man, when his.

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BEOWULF AS OLD-ENGLISH POETRY frame story: parallelism and contrast: characters and events: digressions: long set pieces. BEOWULF AS HEROIC POETRY defining the good king: monsters: within and without: revenge: fate ( Wyrd) Anglo-Saxon temperament: stoicism: didacticism: Old Testament heroism.