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decribe how northern abolitionists reacted to the fugitive slave act? northern describe the position taken by lincoln and douglas in their debates? douglass.

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The Northern Abolitionist MovementAmerica had always been home to Describing slavery as an evil and un-Christian system and a stain on the values.

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Publications like An Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World led white Southerners to conclude Northern abolitionists intended to commit genocide against.

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Imagine you were a Northern abolitionist when the Kansas-Nebraska Act was passed. Explain how the two-party system shifted at the end of the s.

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The abolitionist movement became increasingly prominent in Northern churches and politics beginning in the s, which contributed to the.

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Black and white abolitionists in the 1st half of the 19th century waged a biracial In the wake of the Fugitive Slave Law of , which forced Northern law.

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In the s, American abolitionists, led by Evangelical Protestants, gained momentum in their battle to end slavery. Abolitionists believed that slavery was a .