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Tint the image. Make sure the InDesign Swatches panel is visible (if it's not, choose Window->Swatches). Use the Selection tool (the black.

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After picking up colors, if you switch tool to any object, and then reselect the Color.

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Add color to a grayscale, pixel-based image in InDesign CC. Beginning with the import process, learn how to colorize an image and adjust its.

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Explore how to apply color to content using existing colors and . The Eyedropper tool captures formatting from an object you click and . You can also explore other effects by turning them on or off in the panel on the left.

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To create high-quality grayscale images, choose the percentage for each color channel in the Channel Mixer adjustment. To convert a color.

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This is useful for coordinating layout colors with images. For best results with color separations, you may want to make sure that color names.

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Many people have asked me about a feature like this in InDesign because QuarkXPress has an option to convert color images to grayscale at.

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You can't turn the photo itself into grayscale, but you could overlay it with a black rectangle and set it to Color in the Effects panel's Blend modes. When you just.

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I have a problem with placed grayscale images in InDesign. If you don't see the color on screen, there's an easy fix: turn on View > Overprint.