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If there is a match, the VMPS sends the VLAN number for it receives on its trunk port from the VMPS.

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Knowledge of the configuration of Catalyst and Catalyst / series switches with use of command-line interface (CLI) The Catalyst configuration in this document is also applicable to Catalyst / switches that run Cisco IOS Software. Understanding VLAN Trunks.

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extended-range VLANs (VLAN IDs to ) on the Catalyst X or Before you create VLANs, you must decide whether to use VLAN Trunking . This section does not provide configuration details for most of these parameters.

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Absolutely you can. You're looking for q tagging, which is the underpinning of multiple VLANs on a switch. Configure your server-facing.

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So I've got a port set up for trunking but I need it to pass untagged traffic to VLAN 16 switchport trunk native vlan switchport mode trunk. macro description cisco-desktop . Could you provide "show interface gi1/0/23"?.

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The commands are ver similar on the Cisco and switches. Can you post the config?.

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Cisco = top L3 switch connected to upstream . Just a note on the link you provided: Unless you use VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP), I very much recommend you don't!, you will need to create the layer 2 LVAN on both.

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@RoyT. On your links between L and L, how come you don't use a normal trunked etherchannel? Does the