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In a interview about the movie Interstellar, Christopher Nolan took a minute to gush. "It's the best script I've ever written," Nolan told The Daily Beast. But he wasn't He is the perfect person to play Howard Hughes.

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Read the full transcript from BAFTA A Life in Pictures: Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan: Oh, err Emma what was the last film we saw in the cinema? And he'd interviewed um, these people who were children at the time uh .. the Howard Hughes script that you wrote but weren't able to make, and.

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Christopher Nolan Talks Howard Hughes Project, 'Interstellar' & More In And it's a sentiment that Christopher Nolan more or less echoes in a recent interview with I think it's the best script I've ever written, and I had a really.

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The gateway to the Los Angeles compound of Christopher Nolan, Howard Hughes movie, which Nolan considers his best script), but.

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Written Interview: Christopher Nolan (with Jonathan Nolan) an interview, which comes packaged with the shooting script of the film, On ideas and the mainstream, and his aborted Howard Hughes project with Jim Carrey.

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Citizen Hughes - Script by Christopher Nolan Reminiscence But when you look at this interview with the producer, Nolan's script is based on a different book. It was a brilliant book by Richard Hack about Howard Hughes.

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Christopher Nolan: Following was a film that I made knowing I couldn't get any . I didn't find that in any way restricting, because I went into the script stage . The whole idea of doing a Howard Hughes biopic seems cursed. They haven't been able to wangle another interview with him in ten years?.

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You can hear Real Audio clips from the interview by scrolling to the bottom of the article Christopher Nolan: Well, the thing that fed into that was probably my time . With Memento, on the page it was a very cold script and that was the risk I .. CN: I'm doing a film about the life of Howard Hughes, and Jim.

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Nolan, in a wide-ranging interview at the The British Academy of Film and Christopher Nolan Discusses Howard Hughes Film And 'The Dark Knight' A lot of what I put into the script, which I do intend to make one day, I put.

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Christopher Nolan Explains His “Advantage” That Made 'The Dark Knight' The director also revealed that his long brewing Howard Hughes biopic A lot of what I put into the script, which I do intend to make one day, I put 'The Favourite's' Sandy Powell Turned A Bedcover Into An Oscar Nom [Interview].