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Here's a look at some famous men who started to go bald but were able to prevent it with a little help. These handsome celebrity guys have a secret weapon in.

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Some of these hair restorations are pretty spectacular. Get Started · More on StarsSee All Trending. Romances, breakups, weddings, fitness, fashion, and.

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Luck, hair transplants, hair pieces, or are we seeing things? admitted having surgery since going bald: "I have had two hair transplants, and I.

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So, with that in mind, let's take a look like the top 10 celebrities who had hair transplant surgery (keeping in mind that it's hard to confirm these.

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HEAD: 7 celebrities who have had hair transplants Not so long ago, hair loss was something many men dreaded but weren't able to do much.

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You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it for yourself. But here they are Have you noticed something strange about male celebrities in recent years?.

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Some procedures can cost a hefty £ but that hasn't stopped a string of celebrities opting for the procedure.