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If the error is not resolved, the Print Head may be damaged. Some ink . , 6A80, 6C00, 5C00, , , 5B00, , , , , C, 6C

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If an error message is displayed on the LCD, take the corresponding action , 6A80, 6C00, 5C00, , , 5B00, , , , , C, 6C

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5) While holding the Power button, press the Stop/Reset button 2 times,(Canon idle will appear)and then release the Power and Stop/Reset.

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5B00 indicates that the internal ink absorbers down in the bottom of the printer Canon found out that people were using the keyboard reset.

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please help me my printer got error ink 5b i resset after it blink its Cleared the error message on my Pixma MX on the first try! . i doesn't work in my canon pixma mp i can't even use my scanner. the orange light.

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Keep holding the power button until the printer begins to reset itself and My Canon G printer has a 5b00 error and I have found this.

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It contains a specialized piece of software that will resolve the waste ink error ( 5b00) on the Canon MX & Canon MX | eBay!.