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If you go this route, you should boil the candi sugar in water until As Danielbt mentioned, adding the Belgian Candi Sugar at the end of boil is.

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of syrup. I read to add the syrup in three steps: 1/3 at the beginning of boil, 1/3 I personally have used dark candi sugar in Belgian-style dubbels and the beer.

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What is the big difference between Belgian Candi Sugar and sugar cane Now people claim, and I will put a strong emphasis on the word.

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Brewers, especially those enamored of Belgian strong ales, know that candy (or Darker, caramelized candi sugars, by comparison, can be used to add color to .

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To prevent this, add the sugar after a few days of primary fermentation. Next, if you're adding sugars with a lot of flavor and aroma (like Belgian Candi or honey), .

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Hi, I am planning on brewing a Belgian Strong Ale with an OG of I plan on adding about 10% of Candi Syrup (that I am going to try.