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Obsydian seems to be the best that's easy(ish) to craft how do I get the mats? what should I do and not do? is there any point in me pushing.

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I've see lot of set / gear / weapon so i'm a bit lost. I'm Abolisher, wanna play it as a pur tank. I'm also looking for some decent way to make.

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doing the storyline quest will give you the gear needed to get to 50 (not After 50 though pretty much everything endgame needs to be either.

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Many of these improvements have been made with the ArcheAge exist in the game, giving players a straighter path towards end-game crafted loot. . Instead of regrading like normal, Erenor gear requires you to sacrifice.

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Does anyone have a good reference for what is needed to make best in slot end game crafted gear? There are some conflicts in the guides I.

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Archeage is a fun and exciting game to play but can be frustrating if you are not geared level 50 should already be thinking about end game gear. it will take many hours to grind out these tokens to get your Hasla weapon.

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End-game gearing sucks in most MMOs. You get the gear so you can do the content so you can get the gear so you can do the content, etc.

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You need this gear to run any of the dungeons 50+. You can PvP at any level in ArcheAge, but you're less likely to get flattened once you [[more coming soon - feel free to contribute any end-game info in the thread below]].