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So I just bought a 99 cobra convertible and it has a ticking noise that gets engine tick noise that is present at all temperatures during idle.

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-ONLY ticks at idle--stops the second rpm's are raised -pretty sure its not a pulley I just need an aftermarket exhaust to hide any engine noise.

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Placed it in the oil pan and there is no noise there. So what other things can cause that bad knocking sound in front side of the engine.

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Asked by Saizdol Jun 17, at PM about the Ford Mustang Do you smell gas and is the idle steady or not? ford are known for this ticking sound it is a lifter problem alot of the times the valve guide gets stuck and binds up.. it.

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The noise will go away when you either let off the gas or get on get heavier on the gas. It makes the noise at idle while the engine is cold and.

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Noticed ticking noise in engine around rpms while accelerating, deceleration and at idle. Took to a shop said it was.

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Oil pressure stays at 20psi (hot) at idle and climbs to 60 psi when driving. I also listened to the bottom end by the oil pan and there is no noise there . YouTube - 99 DODGE STRATUS Engine Spun Rod Bearing Knock.