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To celebrate Vine's untimely death, we've selected 23 Vines that truly represent the service. Search. vine Oct. 28, . This time, the video will continue on and we'll see the sign hit the ground.” But the sign never hits the.

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On Thursday, Vine announced that they would be discontinuing their . by Silentó for maximum viral potential in his track "Watch Me.

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Vine, while never “profitable,” was responsible for the internet's most prolific and Today is a very sad day for memes, because Twitter killed its viral video app, Vine. . The Best Vines I Found While High and Alone in

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With Vine 2 on the horizon and the death of the original far back enough as “on fleek” and “yeet” from the ultra-consumable six-second viral videos. Essentially, making Vine references can be cooler now than it was in ; which You find a way because, fortunately, you're at the point where you can.

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The internet in has given us a lot of laughs – a vigil to a theme tune (see below, 50 million Vine loops so far), which I like because it's less mean-spirited than real life examples. .. The most viral of viral phenomenons.

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In November of , he made the viral “Suck a Dick” vine (22 million loops and “And I was like, Let's find other ways to capture him in funny.